Almost there…

Saturday, February 11, 2017

This is our first trip as retirees and I must say that even though the prep stages are the same, there is a certain new freedom to it. Call it the gift of time. Gone is the 2-week limit to our escape, and gone is the anxiety of coming back to a desk covered with files that need immediate attention!

We are as ready as can be. Our dog will be spending some quality time at Golden Paws kennel, and a good friend will be watering the plants.

When I started digging into Arizona fascinating treasures to discover, I realized that we could easily spend three months there! Some hard choices had to be made, and we opted for a vertical loop starting and ending in Phoenix. Here is our itinerary:

  1.  Landing in Phoenix
  2. Visiting our friends in Marana/Tucson area (6 nights)
  3. Up to Sedona (5 nights)
  4. Up to Tusayan and Grand Canyon (3 nights)
  5. Up to Page and Antelope Canyon (3 nights)
  6. Down to Flagstaff and Walnut Canyon National Monument (1 night)
  7.  Down to Payson and Tonto Natural Bridge State Park (1 night)
  8.  Down to Phoenix (Scottsdale) (2 nights)

There you have it! It is a jammed-packed adventure with lots of sightseeing, hiking and, of course, photography! The beauty of being on our own is that we can take our sweet time and enjoy the moment. We plan to do just that.

I will be blogging and Raymond will be posting some pictures along the way. We hope you enjoy following us!


5 Comments on “Almost there…

  1. Looking forward to your arrival in AZ. The weather is fantastic! Gotta run now – another amazing sunset is starring to take shape…..


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