Grand Canyon – The Grand Goodbye

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

As if it was possible, today was the most speechless day of them all!

We woke up with a winter wonderland landscape, including the thick layer of snow on top of our car! Amazing, though, all the roads were perfectly ploughed and the the rangers gave us the OK to travel on Desert View Drive (Highway 64) to Cameron.

So, we (meaning I) hummed a few Christmas tunes and checked all the designated views before exiting the park. What an experience! What a scenery! What a beauty! I cannot express enough gratitude to the park rangers and staff for clearing all the roads and paths so we could admire the splendor of the canyon one last time. As a side note, the park maintenance crew will plow the snow but not use any salt. Instead, they spread crushed red stone at most dangerous turns. That works too!

First Stop: Moran Point.This is a favourite spot for photographers and painter, and rightfully so! The snow gave each angle a new depth and each snap shot, a new appreciation.


Second stop: Tusayan Museum and Ruin. The museum provided a beautiful glimpse of American Indians dwellings and lifestyle. The ruins, however, were mostly covered with snow, and only the cleared path made it possible to stroll close by.

Third stop: Lipan Point.This is the canyon widest point and provides the best view of the Colorado River (longest stretch). Oh, my!


Fourth stop: Navajo Point. This is the highest  natural elevation of the South Rim of the Canyon (7461 feet). Wow!

Fifth and last stop: Desert View and Watchtower. One of the most interesting stops.


Inside the tower, a stone staircase takes you to different levels of observation, all the way to the top. On each level, the walls are painted with native art. This site also provides visitors a last opportunity to stop for a bite or to purchase a last souvenir of the park. LOVED IT!

We followed Highway 64 all the way to Cameron. What a change of scenery (Navajo Indian Reservation)! I also welcomed the change of altitude, which lessened the tightness in my stomach and made my breathing smoother. We then took Highway 89 North to The Gap, and followed Highway 20 through the Kaibito Plateau  until we reached Page and our Best Western hotel with view on Powell Lake. All looks good.


Time for dinner, then rest.

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