Grand Canyon – Wintery cover

Monday, February 27, 2017

You can say we experiences all seasons in three days at the Grand Canyon: day one was windy and chilly, days two was bright and sunny, and day three, well… all hell broke loose!

Would snow and slushy conditions deter us from exploring? No way! We are back to the rim! Check out the pictures!

We had to change our plans to explore the Desert View Drive due to icy roads and the possibility of the park closing some side roads, but decided to return to the Visitor Centre and watch the park movie again, talk to rangers and visit the bookstore. We also took the opportunity to go inside the Kolb studio (we had missed it the first time around) to learn about two brothers – Ellsworth and Emery Kolb – interested in photography and adventure in the Wild West (1901). Their photographs and films made them famous and you can learn about their story and see their equipment in the Studio they built here, right on the edge of the park’s South Rim.

Next stop after lunch: IMAX Theatre to see Grand Canyon, The Hidden Secrets. It is a 35 minutes movie showing at the National Geographic Visitor Centre. Very well done!

Back at the hotel, it is laundry time!

The snow is relentless and like many other guests, we had dinner at the hotel. Let’s hope conditions improve by tomorrow because we would like to stop along Desert View Drive before heading up to Page.


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