Safe travel

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Flying anywhere always seems very long to me. It is not the flight itself, but all the formalities around it. You know the drill… To our surprise, there were no big crowds flying to the US and everything went quickly and smoothly. Maybe there is value in travelling on Tuesdays…

For the record, I have this little anecdote to tell: As we were waiting in Phoenix to pick up our luggage, Raymond’s cell started ringing. It was a business call!!!! Now, Raymond is retired since December, and his “business” life has been dormant since. What are the odds that on the FIRST day of his FIRST trip as a retiree, someone called him to discuss a previous client!!! Oh, that was so funny!

From the airport, all passengers needing a car are bussed to a huge and modern car rental terminal.
We had booked with Alamo and they upgraded us to a Toyota Rav4, making our drive very comfortable. And a lot of driving there will be….

From there, we embarked on I-10 to Tucson and took exit 240 to reach Marana, where we would stay for a week with our friends :)))

After a great meal, we took a little walk and watch our first sunset lingering on the mountains. As the night crept in, we set by the fire pit and watched the glowing flames dance away with the wind.

What a peaceful life, and what a great way to start a vacation! We are truly blessed!

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