Sedona – Chapel of the Holy Cross & Bell Rock

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

How many pictures of rocks can you take? The answer is as many as your camera card can hold. Mine has 32 GB… :)))

The day was cloudy but a dull sky would not be enough to dictate a change of plans. We spent most of the afternoon on trails, getting a serious dose of exercise.

In the morning, we visited the Chapel of the Holy Cross, a mostly interesting architectural landmark. It is, for sure, a good stop on your way to see more rocks… ( Completed in 1956, the concept of this church had come to  Marguerite Staude in 1932. It now stands tall against the surrounding rocks. Despite its impressive structure, the sanctuary was smaller than I had expected and the decor, rather sober. A flight of stairs takes visitors down to a well-furbished gift shop, where isles of souvernirs make browsing somewhat difficult. I did find, though, a beautiful book on Sedona (containing all the picture we will NOT be able to take…), by Kathleen Bryant. And now,  let’s hit the trails!

2017_february__sedona_3_8197 2017_february__sedona_3_8168

We did two wonderful walks in the after noon: one across from the Courthouse Butte. It was an easy climb and the view was spectacular. Then, we did a loop around the bend of Bell Rock, a wide trail that must be a favourite among bikers and horse back riders! The list of options to discover Sedona is now as follows: walking, taking a jeep or trolley tour, riding a bike, or saddling a horse!


On a side note: You need to have a pass in order to park along the highway or in trailhead parking lots. Passes are available at visitor information centres or directly at some trailheads. The cost is $5.00 per day or $15.00 per week. Leave it on your dashboard and you are good to go!

2017_february__sedona_3_8320 2017_february__sedona_3_8483

Today’s weather was full of surprises! Around supper time, the sun bursted through the clouds and the whole mountain range reclaimed its splendor. What a sight! That’s what Sedona is all about.

Dinner at Mesa Grill, up on Airport Mesa. The place was full… always a good sign. Simple, but good.

One Comment on “Sedona – Chapel of the Holy Cross & Bell Rock

  1. Wow, wow, wow! Beautiful landscapes indeed! It was 18 today in Beamsville, sunny – wow!


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