Sedona – Last day

Friday, February 24, 2017

What a glorious day! Sunny and not a cloud in sight! A jacket was still in order, but walking was pleasant. And walking we did…

We explored the town on our last day, looking for that special little something to take home. We started along highway 179, explored some art galleries and Navajo art. So much talent! We continued on Hillside, which turned out to be a waste of time, and so, walked back to Talquepaque but before we arrived, we entered the Centre for the New Age, just for fun. Filled with crystals, candles, books,and other paraphernalia, this was a place where you could get an aura photo or a tarot reading, book a personal vortex tour or receive an astrology report. And if this was not enough for you, there was… are your ready for it?… a UFO sighting tour with the aid of military night vision goggles, just in case your eyesight would not be sharp enough. Really?

Back to reality… We stopped at the Secret Garden Cafe for lunch, followed by the mandatory ice cream cone. We later reached Uptown Sedona where everything under the sun is for sale. We strolled casually and guess what we found? Yes! Our cowboy and cowgirl hats! And they almost match! They are Stetson hats, 100% wool, water repellent and… crushable. That means we can jam them in a suitcase. Neat!

One place worth mentioning and visiting in Sedona: the huge Exposures Gallery (10,000 square feet). It is home to the most exquisite art pieces. I fell in love with the sculptures of Kim Obrzut, a Hopi Indian artist. Her collection of Hopi maidens is absolutely stunning and my favourite had a price tag of $18,000. Bummer…I’ll have to pass.

For dinner, we drove down to the village of Oak Creek and shared a pizza at Pago’s (thanks for the recommendation, Bill J.). It was delicious! I think I am done with Mexican food because my stomach does not welcome it. Sorry…

As we drove home in the pitch black night, we stopped to check the starry skies, and it was incredible! A sea of stars was floating above us…  I guess that’s why they call this place mystical.

One Comment on “Sedona – Last day

  1. Great to hear you enjoyed your visit to Pago’s. My favourite dish was the butternut squash ravioli. We loved our stay in the Village of Oak Creek and waking up each morning to the magnificent view of the Bell Rocks.


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