Arriving under Italian Skies

Monday, May 29, 2017

Mamma mia!
Toronto – Rome = An 8 hours flight
Rome – Palermo = A 45 minutes flight
And that is just the time you spend IN the plane! You know the drill… the security check, customs, luggage recovery (always a big deal). I dread it all. So, I am still waiting for the “Beam me up, Scotty” technology which is not being developed fast enough for my taste… LOL

But here we are, and that is all the complaining I am going to do… until we flight back home again!

Side Note: Unless you really need that little souvenir from the country you are leaving, the duty-free shop is, in my view, a total scam! We found a bottle of my favourite wine…. about $20.00 more expensive than at our local LCBO! Talk about a saving! But again, I might be missing the point. :(((

There is something to be said about family ties (the same applies to strong friendships): it does not matter how long you have been apart, how little you phone each other, or how few special moments you share, there is an immediate connection when you see each other again. Unexplainable, but true.

A number of friendly faces and long embraces welcomed us at the airport, before our luggage was split between two compact cars. Italian hospitality at its best!

So far, we started our vacation with espresso, a visit to the grocery store to get acquainted with local staples, and a lovely family dinner. It is all good.

Off to an early bedtime since our body still operates under Toronto time!



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