Goodbye Sicily

Monday, June 19, 2017

Luggage day: Everything is laid on the bed. Hmm… I think I will leave it up to Raymond to tuck it away. You know how it goes… those pesky airlines are not kind when your luggage is a bit overweight. :(((( So, some trading needs to be done: I will leave behind my shampoo and conditioner to make room to Sicilian cookies and home made jam. I think it is fair, no? Actually, I feel like my luggage: a bit heavier on my way out of Sicily than on my way in… go figure (no pun intended)!!!

Sicily has definitely a lot to offer and is worth visiting. I am glad we could balance family moments and time alone, discovering scrumptious places and culinary delights. In fact, if you stay away from politics, religion and soccer, it’s all about art, history and food! I prefer the latter combination… LOL

Thank you for following our adventure. We certainly have enjoyed it!








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