International Puppetry

Monday, June 5, 2017

Today, we ventured by bus all the way down to the port, we strolled under a few rain drops (only for a short while), visited the International Puppet Museum (Museo Internazionale delle Marionette Antonio Pasqualino:, near Piazza Marina, walked all the way back to Porta Nuova and hopped on the bus to get home. Through it all, we experienced once more Palermo chaotic but vibrant life.

The puppet museum was founded in 1975. It has an incredible assortment of puppets and a full size puppet theatre, where live performances are being held. We were alone in the 2 story museum and enjoyed a very close encounter with all sorts of pageantry, from medieval Europe to Africa, China and Japan. It was worth the visit. Got an interesting book on puppets too!

As you walk through Palermo, you realize that flowers are everywhere, adding beautiful colours to sometimes gloomy neighbourhoods. A wide variety of vines are bending over fences and walls, displaying their abundant and sometimes fragrant beauty. Jacaranda trees – native to tropical and subtropical regions – have a wonderful purple-blue flower that brings life to parks and major highways. A real treat for the eyes.

Palermo tidbits
Drivers: Red lights, signals and stop signs… they are all optional. If you are stuck in traffic, sidewalks offer an alternative route. They are wide and bumpy, but they will do (at least for locals).

Pedestrians: Start crossing when you are ready. The cars WILL stop to let you go. Sounds insane? Yep, but it works!





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