Marsala – Back to civilization

Saturday, June 10, 2017

We did linger to say goodbye to Erice, and decided to have lunch in town before starting our descend. I haven’t talked a lot about the weather because you probably guessed from our pictures that it is… gorgeous! The sky is too blue to give it a name, and at this time of the year, a gentle breeze makes the day bearable.

We travelled a little over an hour and arrived in Marsala, where we will be staying at the Viacolvento Hotel ( for 4 nights. After our spartan stay in Erice (no complaints there), this is luxury! There is a lot of attention to details, and guests are welcomed with a small complimentary bottle of Marsala wine and fresh Italian cookies. But here is the kicker: English speaking travellers will read the following (also note the use of capitals): “We Prepared for you a small welcome basket, Hoping pleasing.” Now, that’s what happens when you use Google Translate!!!!! When you are a nice hotel, get a real translator! Enough said…

Our family joined us in Marsala for dinner tonight and a bit of sightseeing tomorrow.     Very nice! We all went to a restaurant called Osteria Siciliando (you can Google it and it will take to their Face Book page). It is a small outfit that specializes in authentic and delicious Sicilian food. The dishes were  well presented and very savoury. The meal ended with a sip of traditional Marsala wine. It’s all good.

We all walked backed to our hotel through the narrow and busy streets of this popular neighbourhood. Here too, Italians come alive after 9:00 pm and this being Saturday, the beat of music added to the festive mood.


For now, some loose plans are being made for tomorrow, starting with breakfast at the hotel.










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