Marsala Salt Pans

Sunday, June 11, 2017

There is a “salt trail” between Trapani and Marsala. In this area, salt is an integral part of the land and a very valuable resource. Picturesque windmills and salt pans decorate this coastal landscape, where salt is collected and processed according to traditional methods. A quaint little museum bring it all to life through displays and multi media content. A nice and interesting visit.

The day has been very windy, putting a damper on beach relaxation. For Sicilians, these are not ideal weather conditions, yet the area was full of people enjoying themselves in the water… Maybe they were all tourists! :)))

After a rest, we ventured out again, this time with purpose: an early dinner (or so we hoped). We arrived at Matteotti Square (Piazza Matteotti) and sat at the patio of Dal Marchese for a glass of wine and local cold cuts/cheeses. A good choice because the food selection and the local wine were really good and they came with a bonus: live music! A young female vocalist, accompanied by a guitar player, serenaded us in Italian, Spanish and English! Nice! Too full to go for a “real” dinner… gelato will do!






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