San Vito & Lo Zingaro

Thursday, June 8, 2017

A word on yesterday: In Italy, a beach is prime real estate! There is plenty of room on this one, but if you are staying for a while and want some comfort, you will need a lounger and an umbrella. When in Italy… But be prepared: you will have very proximate neighbours on the right and on the left, and will be privy to some interesting conversations!

Armed with beach towels and sunscreen, off we went. Each hotel has a dedicated section of the beach, with its own seating area, at no extra charge for their customers. You get your seat, set up your gear, put on your sunscreen and decide to start the roasting process or run to the water. What a pleasant day! We left the beach at 7:00 pm, totally relaxed.

Dinner: Gna Sara (, a popular pizzeria/restaurant where go get a number and get in line! Quality food. We highly recommend it.

Oh my! We are turning into locals! We had dinner at 8:30 and went to the piazza around 10:00 to listen to some Sicilian local tenors. Wait till you see Raymond’s video! Fun, fun, fun.

Last word on San Vito Lo Capo: I will miss the magnificent beach, and our stay at the hotel was really great: simple, very clean and very well located. There is an underground parking lot for about 4 cars (very safe), at a cost of 10 euros per day. You can also rent a beach towel for 2.50 euros per day (which saves you from carrying it in your luggage from overseas!). There is a nice spread for breakfast and the fresh ricotta melts in your mouth! I could live on that cheese :)))

Discovering the Zingaro Natural Reserve – A visit you cannot miss if you are in the area. It stretches along the coast, from Castellammare del Golfo (South entrance) to San Vito Lo Capo (North entrance), and is absolutely breathtaking. There is a 5 euros entrance fee, but it is free if you are a senior… Italian citizen (darn…).

It looks like the mountain wanted to leap forward but couldn’t go any further when it saw the beauty of the sea! So you have this rugged mountainous path that gently leads you to several beaches along the coastline. The water – so clear, so clean and so blue – is mesmerizing! You could easily spend the whole day there, but our descend to Erice was calling.

2017_June__San Vito_12934-Pano

On the road again…









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