Hamilton Harbour Outing

August 1, 2018
It feels great to play “tourist” in your own backyard, and even greater to do it on a weekday when the “real” tourists are at bay! The Grimsby Photo Group outing on Tuesday, July 31, provided such an opportunity under sunny skies and just enough wind to keep us cool.

From Grimsby, Hamilton Harbour – previously called Burlington Bay – is easy to find and very inviting. Eight of us participated in the event and gathered in front of Williams Fresh Cafe before selecting to meander on our own or embark on a Trolley Tour (a one-hour leisurely hop-on/hop-off excursion along Hamilton Waterfront, at a cost of $5.00 for seniors – sometimes, it pays to get older…).

Hamilton Harbour-4115First stop: the National Historic Site of HMCS Haida, a Tribal Class destroyer built for Canada, that served during several wars, including the Second World War. The impressive structure is well marked for a self-guided tour. Again, a $3.40 fee for seniors makes the visit even sweeter…

Once aboard, five of us started “navigating” from one deck to the other, moving from open spaces to tight quarters. At times, the very steep and narrow stairs were challenging (I managed to bump my head on several occasions and I am grateful nobody was around to see some of my non-lady-like maneuvering :))) Phew!

Armed with my 50 mm prime lens, I was drawn to details and textures that might escape those more interested in the engineering intricacies of the ship. I started noticing amazing ropes, knots, pulleys and weathered lifeboats. Occasionally, some splashes of colour would stand out against the metallic grey structure. Very interesting!

Back on the trolley, we continued on until we meet the rest of the gang at Williams to share our experiences and a bite. Yum!

Keep clicking!

Anna :))

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