Along Baie-des-Chaleurs

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Even if we made it fun, driving to our next destination was a long haul.

The Gaspé Peninsula South shore — extending from Pointe-à-la Croix to Percé — is a beautiful stretch along the Baie-des-Chaleurs. Driving along the coast line is an experience of its own, punctuated by many lovely small towns and lookouts.

We lingered in Carleton-sur-Mer because the beach area was so inviting. The boardwalk, the light house, the fresh marine scent… all so seductive and tempting… We succumbed for a little while.

Our first stop was in Bonaventure, where we visited the Musée Acadien du Québec. Worth visiting, the museum focussed on Acadians tumultuous history since the time they settled in Nova-Scotia in the early-1600’s as part of the French colonization of North America, to their tragic dislodging and deportation by the British in the mid-1700’s, after the French signed the Treaty of Paris, thus permanently dismantling the French empire in America.

Coffee break with artisan chocolate… yum! Time to hit the road, driving straight to Percé, with only short brakes to stretch our legs.

We will be spending a few nights at Hôtel La Côte Surprise. It is outdated but rustic and clean. That will do since we booked very late and all hotels were almost full! We managed to get the last room available in this one. Breakfast is included and parking is free.

Note to travellers:

  1. When touring the Gaspé Peninsula, be prepared to drive for long stretches on a two-lane coastal highway. Scenic and peaceful, but also slow because of construction and local traffic.
  2. Book well ahead of time for best selection.
  3.  If you have to settle for less, take heart in the fact that you will (or should) be spending very little time in your room! There is enough happening in town to keep you busy until night time.

Settling in… Bonne nuit!



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