Forillon National Park

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Beautiful day… but it might change according to the forecast (not that they have never been wrong before…lol).

You know the French charm is gone when…

  • You order “crêpes” and get two fat pancakes!
  • Other customers around you converse in English.
  • You eat breakfast listening to Adele singing!

In all fairness, though, we are not staying in Gaspé long enough to give it justice. The motel is offering, free of charge, a very well done booklet on Gaspé and the area, suggesting there is a lot to discover.

Being nature lovers, we decided to visit Forillon National park. So, let me tell you…


We visited the park mostly by car, stopping at dedicated lookouts. At Cap-Bon-Ami, a huge staircase takes you to a long curved beach. We lingered there… walking on the smooth grey pebbles. Today, though, we were not inspired. Don’t get us wrong: the park is definitely the place to be if you are a serious biker or hiker, or if you love camping. After a few hours, we came back to more cozy grounds with, hopefully, at least some pictures to show.

Note to travellers:

  1. At this time of the year, keep in mind that some attractions start to close earlier in the day or are shutting down until next season. For instance, the buildings of the fishing village near the South entrance of the park are closed and you can only see them from the outside.
  2. Hyman & Sons general store was open and very interesting. The store occupies the ground floor of the original home built by William Hyman in 1864. Upstairs, you can have a glimpse on how Forillon families were living, and how the international cod trade was flourishing in the early 20th century.

  3. There is a short loop leading to a water fall, but after seeing so many in Quebec, this one is not impressive. Also, the trail is fairly steep and stairs take you down to the first lookout.

Diner at Brise Bise Restaurant, a trendy local eatery at a walking distance. A small place that fills quickly… and remains full the whole evening! Great meal.

Despite the 16 degrees Celsius, we ended the evening outdoors, with a multimedia historical show titled “A Tale of Time and Tides”. It is a 17-minute show organized by the Birthplace of Canada historical site, that tells the history of Gaspé, from the Micmac presence until today. It is very well done and… free! Check their Website for their yearly schedule (

Time to retire… bonne nuit!


One Comment on “Forillon National Park

  1. 🙂 Another great day in pictures and words. The food sounds wonderful. And the photos are crisp; must be the cooler air (and a much better camera than mine). Well done, as usual.


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