Lines everywhere!

Sunday, August 26, 2018

The second and last day of our workshop was also very interesting as we explored some concepts of Contemplative Aesthetics: Simplicity, Space and Purity.

Simplicity leads to strong images that are decluttered.
Space – particularly negative space – leads to images where only a single point of interest is emphasized.
Purity leads to images that are truthful to what you see.

Again, two exercises punctuated the day: Negative Space and Lines.

If the first one came quite naturally, the second one was a real challenge for me! Oh, my! While Raymond was pointing lines everywhere and having fun with it, I was desperately trying to find some linear points of interest! As a stress-relief, I bought a lovely table cloth at the Byward Market and Raymond, a leather belt. I felt better and we rushed back to our instructors who were waiting for our “visual finds”.  So much positive feedback!

A big thank you to Henry and Lorraine for a well balanced workshop and for enhancing our visual perspective while increasing our awareness of the moment. Thank you also to our fellow participant, Catherine, for her good questions and insights. Our very small group created an opportunity for great conversations!

Loaded with camera and computer gear, bags and purchases, we felt like little mules and needed to stop at the hotel before tackling the evening. Phew! Quite a weight off our shoulders… literally!

A light Thai dinner will do tonight, followed by ice cream made from scratch at Moo Shu ice cream & kitchen. Yum, yum, yum… I had matcha green tea and Antoni flavours. We were not prepared for the steep bill, though: $15.00 for 2 cones (2 small coops each). If there is a next time, we will order kids sizes!!! Oh, wait… did I see a baby ice cream for $2.00 on the menu? Yep, I’ll have that one.

Time for putting our feet up. We will think about packing tomorrow…

Bonne nuit!


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