Quebec City Charm

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Ah, the joys of travelling! Besides the “wow” moments, there are those mishaps that you chuckle when you remember them much later. We started the day with one of those. 

Since the hotel only offered dry cleaning, we had to go to the nearby laundromat to freshen up our clothes. So far, so good. Except… (you knew this was coming…) out of the 10 Maytag front-loaders, only 3 were in working order and only took quarters which, of course, we did not have enough of! Off to the corner store… While Raymond was scouting the neighbourhood for a coffee and a bite, I pulled out a chair and… no… better not sit on that one! Raymond came back with a regular coffee and a definitely sub-standard croissant… Breakfast + laundry = $13.00 Ah, yes… the dryer is working like a charm. :)))

Note to travellers: A one-day bus pass costs $8.60 and allows you to use it as much as you need over a 24-hour period. We recommend it because it eliminates the hassle of finding parking intra-muros, while giving your legs a break since many streets are steep. Other options are to pay as you go or to take a pass for a longer period of time.

So off we go! Lunch stop at Baguette & Chocolat, rue Côte de la Fabrique, for a delicious sandwich and Italian coffee. Then, walk, walk and more walk through the quaint streets of Old Quebec City, taking lots of pictures.

Quebec-Day2-2275With today’s weather vacillating between pouring rain and long bursts of sunshine, the humidity hit the roof! By 4:30 pm, we were exhausted and ready for a cold drink. I settled for a glass of light rosé cider. Mostly delicious.

Dinner time lead us to historic restaurant Aux Anciens Canadiens, on rue Saint-Louis. Raymond has a traditional tourtière and I opted for Bison bourguignon. We were stuffed. As usual, no dessert, but this time, not even ice cream on the way home!

I still have to find blood sausage on a menu, but I am not giving up…

Bus back to the hotel for a shower, blogging and photos downloading. Tomorrow is another day…

Bonne nuit




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