So long Percé… Hello Gaspé

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Last day in Percé, under heavenly skies!

It was hot as soon as I opened the curtains, and the bright sunshine was almost blinding. Let’s get busy with breakfast, packing and laundry… and an extra coffee and fresh croissant while waiting for the drying cycle to stop.

Note to travellers:

  1. If your hotel only handles dry cleaning, the “buanderie” in Percé is right in town and very clean. It is just next door to the Restaurant Mille Délices, and is open every day, from 8:00 to 9:00 pm.
  2. For a good coffee and croissant (or some other fancy pastries), stop at the Boulangerie Le Fournand. It is right in town, on Route 132, and it is the best in town.

Perce-day4-8019Did you know that Percé was also the town where hippies gathered every summer like in Kathmandu or San Francisco? We stopped at the site where “La Maison du pêcheur” was filmed in 2013 telling the political events that took place in 1969.


A beautiful beach walk starts at the wooden stairs next to the friendly Comptoir Monsieur Émile  (how could I resist Salmon tartar for lunch?) and takes you right to the world-famous rock when the tide is low. What a sight! What a lovely way to say goodbye to a most charming place!

I really enjoyed Percé and I am glad we got to spend four days there. The sightseeing, the food, the vibrant community… all are memorable.

On the road again… up to Gaspé. The drive was spectacular! Up and down, along the coast, through hight peaks covered with trees… the scenery leaves you in awe.  The charm is broken when you cross the bridge and get face to face with Tim Horton’s! We will be staying at Motel Adams, a large facility of 96 rooms and a Conference Hall. It is clean and has a large separate restaurant. As all accommodations around here, it is full!

After dinner, time to settle in for two nights and decide what will come next. Planning the way home has begun :((((

Bonne nuit!




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