We did it!

Saturday, September 8, 2018

What an awesome trip! We did tour the whole peninsula, and the memories we are bringing home will last forever!

All the way to Mont-Joli, the road meanders through many small communities peaceful sitting on the water’s edge. We took a long last look at the the rugged beaches and the infinity of the sea. That made me ponder of the wonderful land we live on. From icebergs off the Newfoundland coast to gigantic pines in Vancouver Stanley Park, this is the best country in the world! And there is still so much to explore… so many praises to sing…

Quebec 2018 Itinerary

We left Sainte-Anne-des-Monts with a chilly 11 degrees Celsius, but the sunny skies accompanied us all the way down the South shore via 20 West.

We stopped at Ma Cabane in Gaspésie, in Mont-Joli, for a last goodbye. It is a lovely store/eatery if you are just passing by. It is a maple syrup heaven! Don’t leave without their fresh maple-syrup-cream-filled-puff-pastries! They are to die for…

OK… some serious driving now to Drummondville, where we will be spending the night at the Best Western Universel. As usual, it is clean and the bed, very comfortable.  This is also a Conference Centre, so it has a full-fledged restaurant, as opposed to just a breakfast area. A Brunch is served on Sundays.

Getting closer to home… Bonne nuit!




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  1. And, yes, another fine photo; crisp and clear front to back no flaws; beautiful.


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