Easter Weekend in Lucca

Friday, April 19 – Sunday, April 21, 2019

After the Florence frenzy, this long Easter weekend was a blessing.

Let’s start with a chuckle…

We stopped at Poste Italiane (Italian Post Office) to mail a card. The big room was empty, with three clerks behind their desk. As I move towards one of them, she tells to take a number. A NUMBER!? But there is NOBODY here! Seeing my puzzled look, she points to the tickets kiosque. I oblige. As I pick up my number, that SAME NUMBER now flashes above her and she motions me to go over. I pay and leave… still the ONLY customer in sight… I guess the rules are the rules…

In the evening, we attended the “Sacred Representation of Good Friday” at the San Michele church, right around the corner. The program involved Scripture readings and a live string orchestra playing pieces from Bach and Vivaldi accompanied by a mezzo-soprano. What a special experience!


Saturday was dedicated to blogging and photo organizing.

It would not seem a big deal, but with over 700 hundred pictures of Florence alone, you need to be extra brutal!

Tomorrow being Easter Sunday, everything will be closed. A stop at the butcher and the baker were, therefore, necessary for our survival! 🍴🥗🥩

The big event of the day was a city-wide antique market that was literally taking over every neighbourhood of Lucca! Paintings, furniture, clothes, books and a myriad of old china pieces… all to the delight of locals and tourists alike. With a temperature in the low 20s, it was such a pleasant walk. This is an event that happens every 3rd weekend of each month.

Tonight, dinner at home.


Easter Sunday in Lucca!

I will never forget spending Easter in Italy and attending Easter Sunday mass inside a historic church!

San Frediano was packed and visitors were made very welcome. The Bulletin was available in both Italian and English, and Scriptures were read in both languages, a reminder of the universality of the Church.

Time for a small gelato before lunch? You bet! We savoured a pasta lunch at home while starting making plans for next week. Siena and Montalcino are on our calendar…

2019April-Lucca-D21-4326After a nice evening passeggiata on the walls, we strolled back to our quarters for dinner and a healthy dessert: a savoury blood orange!




2 Comments on “Easter Weekend in Lucca

  1. The weather is not the greatest here neither, Catriona. But we are making the most of it 😀😀


  2. Your Easter weekend sounded a memorable one. Thanks for the Post Office laugh – tee hee! Lucca’s antique market sounded interesting. I bet it felt wonderful to have a restful evening with a home cooked meal. Looking forward to your next blogs from Siena and the hill town of Montalcino which I am certain you will capture magnificent photos of the Tuscan countryside from. Continue to enjoy your special time in Tuscany. I am going to miss your blogs when your vacation ends. Our weather is starting to improve but rain is still in the forecast.


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