Wednesday, April 24, 2019

What a day! We had dinner at Il Campo, we literally walked till we dropped, and I almost lost my husband!

Siena is not a good place to drive, but our hotel location gave us the option to walk (a good half hour) or take the bus. Il Campo is by far the most notorious Italian square, and Il Palio, the most notorious horse race event known to the European world!


Palio Horse

So, rightfully, that’s where we stopped first.


Il Campo, Siena, view from the opposite start of the Palio race

It has a very interesting clamshell shape and people, strangely enough, feel comfortable to sit or even lay down (until a patrolling officers ask them to sit instead) anywhere they want. It is the City Hall and the City Tower that give the Square its medieval character.


Siena Cathedral Complex

We focused our visit on the beautiful Gothic Cathedral from the 13th century, the Crypt, the Piccolomini library, with beautifully painted walls, the cathedral museum, and the Facciatone, the huge unfinished wall of a church that never came to be.




Siena Facciatone

Through the museum, you can access the top and middle part of the Facciatone (the staircase came as a shock because it was a narrow and corkscrew string of steps which I thought would never end…), giving you an incredible view of Siena.


Siena Cathedral Complex, View from the top of the Facciatone


And that is where I had my very own piece of Italian drama!

Raymond and I climbed to the top of the Facciatone wall together (only 28 people are allowed to go up at a time, and can only stay for a 10-minute period). I decided to start heading down to the middle section while Raymond kept enjoying the scenery above. Back at the museum level, no Raymond in sight.


When I told the attending staff members I lost my husband, he suggested I pick another one in the crowd… very funny! We chuckled but I ask him to be on the lookout. As time goes by, I have ALL the museum staff on walkie-talkies, searching for the “missing husband”!!! Meanwhile, he is waiting for me at the museum exist, also wondering where I am. We finally found each other, and everyone was relieved… especially me! A new husband is not for today… 😅😅😅

A relaxing dinner was in order before going home. We ate at Il Palio while watching the sun go down on the City Tower. Lovely…


Walking home at the end of the day might not have been the greatest idea, but we managed to cover the 2 km to the hotel, ready for a good night sleep. My Fitbit recorded over 20,000 steps but don’t worry… I will survive!


Dinner at Bar Il Palio



3 Comments on “Siena

  1. I’M EXHAUSTED!!!  What fun you guys are having! Everything okay at home.  Your creek was running pretty fast with all the rain we’ve had, raining all night and all day today though nothing compared to what New Brunswick and Quebec are experiencing with the flooding.   Babysitting our neighbor’s dog this weekend until Monday.  She’s an old dog and just sleeps all the time.  I forget she here! Sweet dreams 


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