A glorious day!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Shining through the curtains… the sun is finally here!

After another hearty meal, we attended mass in a large Anglican church (St. Patricks’s), at 11:00 am. All the fathers in the congregation received a nice bookmark with a verse. Happy Father’s Day!

Off to Cape Spear (which I keep calling Cape Fear… No reason… I hope!) It is the most easterly point in North America and now a national historic site, with trails high above the rocky shoreline. There is a restored lighthouse displaying the life of a lighthouse keeper in the mid-1800s (the new lighthouse is fully automated and no one lives on the premises). Both the coastline and the trails are very rugged, and heaven for landscape photography!

Day 4 - Cape Spear new lighthouse, fully automated

Day 4 – Cape Spear new lighthouse, fully automated


Nearby is the cute fishing village of Petty Harbour, also known for being the backdrop scenery in some Hollywood movies. In fact, it is rather small, with everybody congregating outside Chafe’s Landing, a popular eating place. We wanted to stop for dinner but had to wait 45 minutes (longer than what it would take to drive back to St. John’s). We took our sweet time strolling under the sun, then headed back to the “big city”.


Today’s lesson: NFLD wind is just as temperamental as the rain… and when it starts, it is very forceful and incessant. You need lots of pins to secure the loose strands of hair that always (and I a mean always) get stuck in front of the viewfinder, just as you are ready to take a picture!!!

Well, she is so cute.

Well, she is so cute.

Last dinner in town, followed by ice cream at Moo Moo’s Ice cream Parlour (recommended and very good, indeed).

Tomorrow, we are leaving St. John’s for Ferryland (No, not “Fairies Land”, you funny people…!)

Until tomorrow,

Ray’s Perspective…
Saturday, June 16. Four days in St John’s Newfoundland already. A great sunny day, finally with lots of sunshine … and high wind. We spent the afternoon at Cape Spear and Pretty harbour (small fishing village). Very scenic locations.
Tomorrow we are moving out and start the Irish Loop. Point A to Point B (Ferryland, NL).
Drive is 1 h and 5′. Wow, some adventure. LOL.

Picture of the day

Day 4 -Cape Spear Lighthouse

Day 4 -Cape Spear Lighthouse

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  1. Excellent use of a variety of diagonals, golden ratio and 1/3-rds for composition.


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