From Ferryland to Placentia

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

After a joyful wake-up call from Raymond’s cell… at 4:30 am (😡😡😡!) to check if the fog had lifted and if the light was right to take early morning pictures, it seemed the view was not quite as anticipated. A few hours later, however, Raymond was gone and I lazily enjoyed a fresh cup of coffee!

Being with the Dunne’s was like being with family… While preparing breakfast, Charlie and Maxine would occasionally burst into singing (definitely morning people!!) so we could properly wake up… New guests arrived and after proper introductions, lively conversations were punctuating a lovely meal. B&B’s can be quite intimate at times…

The Colony of Avalon archaeological centre was just across the street. We took a tour and tasted some home-made bread done on the premises, using the settler’s recipe from the 1600s. Interestingly, archaeological diggings were still underway, with new building foundations brought to life.

Ferryland excation site. Mansion of the master and his family.

Excavations site, with original cobblestones and walls.

Driving south towards Portugal Cove, Trepassey, Forest Field and across Colinet, to Placentia, the route is very scenic!  They call it the Irish Loop. We did encounter several fog patches along the way, while the scenery was meandering between ocean bays, wooded area, and bare land. The contrast was both striking and beautiful. On this 3-hour road stretch, you had to be quick to capture the elusive fog with your camera…

The gravel road between Colinet and Placentia was leaving a thick dust cloud behind us until we arrived at our new destination for a 2-night stay. The Rosedale Manor ( on Orcan Street was super charming, and our small but very comfortable room was named the Blueberry Room. The bonus here was that the owners also had a nearby restaurant (Philip’s Café) offering a full breakfast menu (7 choices) and marvellous cappuccinos to their B&B guests! Mmmmm

We had dinner at The Three Sisters (, where both steak and salmon were delicious.

Until tomorrow,

Ray’s Perspective…
Today, we spent most of the morning in Ferryland archaeological site. We took a 2 hours guided tour where our guide explained in details the history of the settlement back to 1621 (Colony of Avalon). About 150 people lived there at that time until they got attacked by a horde of 700 Frenchmen. These guys again. Why? Well, fish again. Unbelievable. French do not have a good reputation here.
Some pictures from our B&B at Ferryland and some of the surroundings. Quite a view that we did not get tired of.

Ferryland excation site. Storage Building.

Storage building with cobblestones floor. While excavating, traces of the original walls were found. There is a path from the main road to the building. If you watch carefully, you will see a line of special stones that serve as drainage.

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