Last look at the coast

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

On this last day of our vacation, the rain started pouring right after breakfast! Despite the grey and wet mantle covering the bay, local ducks did not miss their morning swim while an onlooking seagull patiently waited for the weather to change…

Time for a road trip along the shore, going North on highway 70, up to Salmon Cove.


A friend on the road.

The rain was hard at times, but intermittent. With the fog playing games between hills and valleys, the changing scenery was very captivating. We came across beautiful communities – like Bay Roberts and Carbonear – beautiful houses, many churches, and amazing coastal views.

20130626-NFLD-4586We stopped at Harbour Grace, where Amelia Earhart started, on May 20, 1932, the world’s first transatlantic solo flight by a woman, landing in Northern Ireland about 13.5 hours later.

We came back to Brigus, hoping to visit the Hawthorne Cottage (home of famous Arctic explorer Captain Bob Bartlett who took Robert Peary to the North Pole in 1909). Open the public since 1995, it was closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays! Pity…

We stopped at the Brigus Tunnel, which was hand-blasted in the summer of 1860 in order to provide direct access to Abram Bartlett’s Wharf. It is about 80 feet long, 8.5 feet high and 8 feet wide. It must have saved a lot of time when loading and unloading ships in those days…

20130626-NFLD-3466A rainy and windy day has a way of getting chills in your bones, but there is nothing a warm bowl of soup cannot fix. Of course, a blueberry crisp with ice cream doesn’t hurt neither!

Let’s start packing.

Ray’s Perspective…
This is a raining day. It started cloudily, foggy then cleared up. Then it was raining hard and thunder. So in the morning, we went for a drive towards Harbour Grace. These were quite a few old homes, restored, that looked amazing. We could not help ourselves and took pictures. Harbour Grace is becoming a touristic little town to watch for.
On the way back we went for a stroll in Brigus wandering the little streets. the rain took away the charm of the town, but it is still pretty.
The Brigus Tunnel was intriguing. It was built to facilitate access to the wharf. they used gun powder to dig through it and it took four months.
Finally, we had to stop for one last dessert.  I know…

Picture of the day


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