A day full of surprises!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Reflexion of the day: As I am reading « 10 Days of Devotions » by Women of Faith, I came across this insightful little sentence “Without expectations, what can topple the surprising wonder of the moment?”  So, let this day be full of surprises.

Breakfast menu: Ham, scrambled eggs or eggs Benedict, homemade muffins, toasts and jams, assorted fresh fruits. With that kind of breakfast, it is easy to skip lunch! We had stopped at a Sobey’s for some fruits and healthy snacks, and today’s lunch was fruit and almonds.

Surprise #1: It looked like the weather had stabilized when we left this morning, but after stopping for some NFLD chocolates made right here, in St. John’s… it poured!!

Forced to stay indoors, we visited the Railway Coastal Museum, featuring the interesting story of the Newfoundland Railway and Coastal Services, starting in the 1700s. Again, a story revolving around… fish!

Surprise #2: Back to Signal Hill to take some photos, we did not expect to see a military drill by the Signal Hill Tattoo squadron, practising for Canada Day!

Surprise #3: We had a great afternoon taking pictures and based on how many we took, we will go home with 5,000+ of them!!! Raymond is in heaven with his new tripod…

Next was a drive to Quidi Vidi (pronounced kidee Videe), a very colourful historical fishing village. They also have a local brewery that offers Iceberg beer, made from water melted from icebergs (www.quidividibrewery.ca).

As I mentioned yesterday, we selected Raymond’s Restaurant (www.raymondsrestaurant.com) for dinner tonight, and it was a feast for the palate (not so much for the wallet). This was our “going all out” meal for the entire vacation!!! Besides my crème brûlée, everything was quite an experience!!!

Exhausted because we walked so much today, and with bellies so full we could explode, we are now sitting silently in our room, savouring the last leg of the day.

Until tomorrow,

Ray’s Perspective…
A small sample of today’s shoot. Anna went for a walk at 6 am! (why?) and took some pictures around the Manor. So early that the flower was still wet!Some pictures from Signal Hill with the battery of canons and the tattoo academy marching squad. At least this time we can see the coast.
Pictures from Quidi Vidi fishing village. She did mention the restaurant we went for dinner (very pricy, but a treat). I had the cod and it was spectacular. They served me, 3 small pieces of different cuts of Cod and added some pulled pork, porcini mushroom, spinach gnocchi, and kale. And they added unbelievable sauces. Every bite was a different taste and nothing blended. I do not know how the chef did it, but, it was a firework of tastes!. My dessert was beets and chocolate with some orange ice cream. It was delicious.
The weather here is really unpredictable and the weather forecast is unreliable. We simply have to look at the sky and decide what to do next on the spur of the moment. Plans do change every hour.
That is all for today.
Tomorrow is church in the morning and then on our way to Cape Spear. It is supposed to be sunny. LOL!!

Picture of the day


One Comment on “A day full of surprises!

  1. Jam packed start thru surprises to an elegant finish. A perfect day.


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