Skerwink Trail & Random Passage

Monday, June 24, 2013

Last day in Trinity… Where the sun keeps shining!

About Morty…

  • Morty is a gentleman in his 70’s, traveling alone in his camper. He takes his sweet time, exploring every inlet and every point of interest. We first met Morty on our boat tour at Bay Bulls and since then, have bumped into him regularly at sightseeing places. We keep joking about chasing each other in NFLD. He is now crossing to the West side of the island and back to St. Anthony. Safe travels Morty!

We decided to walk along the Skerwink Trail. It was rated “moderate”, but it took about 2 hours to complete this 5.3 km coastal loop (including the many “nature photography” stops…). This uniquely scenic trail takes hikers up and down through all sorts of landscapes. It is jammed pack with wildflowers, ferns, slow-growing pine trees, hard and soft terrain, man-made steps, protruding tree roots, bogs, and breathtaking cliffs. You can even get very close to the edge to view the rugged coast. I especially enjoyed the constant murmur of the ocean against the rocks and along isolated shores. So soothing…

Back on Route 239, we decided to visit the Random Passage Site (, constructed in 2000 for the filming of the Canadian mini-series called… “Random Passage”. We got a “private” tour of the premises (again, we were alone with our guide), and it was mostly enjoyable. The 45-minute scheduled interpretive walk ended up to be over an hour, filled with interesting insights. If you are familiar with the series, you would have recognized many of the houses, the school, the fishery, and the church. Worth discovering!

Since we had mussels earlier at the marina, we stopped for coffee and pie at our “usual” place where a partridgeberry jam was previously set aside for me (we were now called the “little Belgian friends”). This time, I left the place with a jar of wild blueberries jam! I am definitely on to something good… You can check out the B&B on the site of Trinity Eco-Tours (, under “accommodation”.

Back to our local theatre to see “Saltwater Moon”, an excellent play. We were seated on the front row, but there are no bad seats in the house (the theatre holds about 120 people, in steep rows of 8).

And then, there is the warning sound of the fog horn… The weather is turning…

Skerwink Trail, Newfoundland

Skerwink Trail, Newfoundland

Until tomorrow,

Ray’s Perspective…
The 2 big events of the day:
Sherwink Trail Hike and Random Passage TV Series Site. Both were spectacular for learning about nature and the other about a lifestyle that was way too hard for us.
Random Passage site is where the TV series was shot over a 2 year period to show scenes from all seasons. Our personal guide Pat was generous with his explanation and demonstration. He brought that period to live for us and also added some of his experience from his childhood. He lives about 1 hour from the site and therefore can relate to some of the stories.
Sherwink Trail made us work hard. Up and down, twist and turns with beautiful scenery and nature at our fingertips. Did you see the purple pine cones picture?

Picture of the day

A window with a view.

A window with a view.

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