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When you have completed ninety-five percent of your journey,  you are only half way thereJapanese proverb

One thing is for sure: We share the same excitement for adventure. Experiencing new things, new environments, and discovering new people does wonder for the body and the soul.

It all started in 1979 when we had the opportunity to leave Belgium to work on a project in Cambridge, Ohio, for a few months. We had a 2-year old son then, and the three of us flew across the ocean to discover “America”. It was new. It was exciting. It left a permanent mark.

What followed unfolded very smoothly. After a few months of formalities, we said goodbye to our still shocked family and friends, and we started our exciting adventure in Canada!

With eight metal trunks of personal belongings (sent by boat) and some money in our pocket, we landed in this wonderful country in September of 1980. The adventure had materialized…

In about two weeks, we had bought a car, a house, and some furniture.

Soon we were to experience our first Canadian winter. With coats, snow pants, hats, gloves, and boots, we were ready to face -30 C with a cheerfulness attitude. Hot chocolate became a daily routine.

In 1982, our trio welcomed a new baby boy. By then, we had secured jobs close to home, shared one car and even got home for lunch!

Years passed, filled with new friendships, school challenges, soccer tournaments, camping trips, career changes, tears and laughter, gains and losses, and a renewal of our spiritual journey.

The children are adults now, creating their own life story while ours is turning a new page. It is a time to reflect on all the blessings we have received, to give back, to enjoy deep relationships and, God willing, to continue discovering the world.

We are glad you are a part of our journey…

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