Trinity Stop

Friday, June 21, 2013

The B&B at Dildo was definitely special, with a lot of attention to details and the best view from our bedroom so far.

Breakfast was wonderful: French Toast made with freshly baked raisin bread. The owners have also published an award-winning recipe book, which I could not resist to buy. As a final thoughtful touch, we were handed a small brown bag containing some peanut butter cookies (“for the road”). How sweet!!!

We then headed North on highway 80, towards Heart’s Content, where we visited the Cable Station Museum. It was in this community that the first permanent telegraph cable between Europe (Irish coast) and North America came ashore. The town flourished with the presence of the Telegraph Company, but not without some friction with the local fishing community.

As we continued on Route 80, the “Heart-naming” theme continued with places like Heart’s Delight and Heart’s Desire.

Our next destination was Trinity. To get there, there is a long stretch of driving on Route 1 (Trans-Canada Highway) up to Clarenville, then another long stretch on Route 230. It is a long drive, but absolutely beautiful! While on Route 1, we went through deep wooden valleys surrounded by mountains, lakes, and sea inlets.

Trinity lies further north in the Trinity Bay, in peaceful surroundings. We will be staying four nights at a very charming B&B called Eriksen Premises (, mansard-style two-storey building with seven guest rooms.

Visitors could also take advantage of a large common room with sofas and a game table. As you entered the building, a quaint gift shop welcomed you next to the registration desk while on the second floor, a small Victorian-style gourmet restaurant praised for its fine cuisine and service was open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

We took an early evening stroll in the neighbourhood, where we discovered bright coloured houses, narrow intertwining streets, old churches and a modest but well-attended live theatre.



Personal notes:

  • It is wonderful to travel outside the summer months: there are no crowds, little traffic, and no waiting to be seated in restaurants!
  • Less is more… we are glad we decided to only cover a small part of the island because it gives us a real opportunity to savour the many facets of life in this unique corner of Canada.

Until tomorrow,

Ray’s Perspective…
Started the morning with a visit to a cable telegraph museum. Hearts Content, NL was the first successful cable laid between Ireland and Newfoundland. There were others before, but they all failed or got into problems after the initial success. The telegraph lasted 100 years before it got closed down. A single cable was laid to the bottom of the Atlantic in one single piece. Unbelievable.


One Comment on “Trinity Stop

  1. Another day of food, picturesque scenery and history (and noted that the history is without a fish connection unless you count that the cable went to the bottom of the ocean and that may have caused the fishermen some issues – Hmmm fish again).


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