La belle province – 2018

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

I checked, and the last time we spent a reasonable amount of vacation time in “La belle province” was in 1984. We are way overdue, don’t you think!?

We are kicking off our Fall adventure with a Contemplative Photography Workshop in Ottawa, lead by photographer Henry Fernando. I can hear you asking: “what in the world is Contemplative Photography”? At this point, my guess is just as good as yours… I am hoping it will be a great discovery and an opportunity to explore a new angle in the photography world. Stay tuned!

Then, we are off to Quebec City and the Gaspé Peninsula, where we will attempt to cover both the South and the North shores (the key word is, of course, attempt). All in all, we roughly planned a three-week loop.

Tomorrow will be Day 1… C’est parti!


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