Spring in Rome

Friday,  March 29, 2019

Over the Alps

Air Canada Airbus over the Alps

Yes, the trip was very long. No, I do not recommend Air Canada culinary experience. No, the cabin was not perfectly pressurized for the descent, leaving my ears in a shape that is taking the whole day to recover, but who is complaining… We are in Rome, and it is wonderful!!

We will be spending three nights at Hotel Napoleon (www. napoleon.it), a typically Italian old-fashion hotel, with European charm.


Guest Area Hotel Napoleon

You know you have arrived in Italy when there is no closet in your room but a large armoire instead, and the bathroom is equipped with a bidet (hallelujah!). We are on the third floor, with a small but lovely balcony… just what I need for blogging. It is also surprisingly quiet, and you would never know you are in the center of this great metropolitan city, on Vittorio Emanuele II square. In our little corner, it is perfect for a good night sleep.


Rome still makes my heart tingle… With a temperature of 19 degrees Celsius,  sunny blue skies, and budding trees brightening the streets, Spring is in the air!

As you exit the hotel, the stairs to the subway are only 10 meters away.  No time to waste, let’s go for it! Metro Line “A” took us to Cinecittà, the world of renown Italian and European cinematographers of the 1930s-1990s.

Frederico Fellini, Vittorio de Sica, and a sleuth of famous actors made Cinecittà a coveted place in the film industry, even drawing the attention of Hollywood filmmakers and producers.

Cine Citta Entrance

Cinecittà entrance, Statues and Venus in the yard.

Italian Actress Diva

Sophia Lauren, Gina Lollobrigida, Claudia Cardinale, Cinecittà

Gangs of New York Set

More recently, Scorsese filmed scenes of “The Gangs of New York” in these sets. Actually, the story goes that he decided to burn the house down to produce a “real dramatic effect”… By some miracle, the structure of the charred building still stands.

Before leaving, we had a last look at the main pavilion and played with the green screen, where you were visually prompted to play in a scene. Not quite there yet… give us a few days… lol.

Note to travelers: Entrance to the site is 13 euros and includes an hour-long guided tour.  It is a must if you want to have a look at “backstage” sets of Ancient Rome, the Temple of Jerusalem (“fake” stones), and the Prop Warehouse. What a treat… Lots of photo opportunities, even if guides are on a schedule and therefore, cannot leave you meandering around on your own.

Cinecittà is closed on Tuesdays. Check their website at http://www.cinecittasimostra.it.

img_3318Dinner at Tempio di Mecenate, on Largo Leopardi. I had fettuccine al ragù, perfectly cooked “al dente”, while Raymond had chicken, Roman style. The heated patio was a bonus… Boy, we are stuffed!!! No worries, my Fitbit will track my steps… lol!



6 Comments on “Spring in Rome

  1. Sophia, Gina, Claudia, ….. all heartthrobs from my teenage years!
    Never been to Rome but loved visit to Naples and Pompeii when our ship docked on the way from Bombay to London, England.
    The Ravioli was to die for.


    • They were also Raymond’s. He might have felt a little nostalgic and was quick to take a picture of them…lol


  2. I am not jealous…I am not jealous….sorry it’s not working….lol….of course I’m jealous 😎


    • Keep ready and I hope it will be almost like travelling with us! Taking photos today was a challenge because of the bright light and not a cloud in the sky. I am not complaining, of course…


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