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Thursday, June 27, 2013

All good things must come to an end… The day was heavy with rain as we slowly started packing. After a hearty breakfast prepared by Donna, our host, we started our drive to St. John’s airport.

We had a great time in Newfoundland! Discovering this corner of Canada — where life is more tranquil and the landscape, incredible — was fun and insightful in many ways. It gave us a better appreciation of both the land and its people.

Last thoughts…
– Blueberries come only as of the wild kind.
– Partridge and bakeapple are now my new favourite berries and jams.
– There is such a thing as Newfie chocolate (from St. John’s)!
– The fog is woven into the landscape and has its own beauty.
– The weather is unpredictable and you must always have a plan B.
– Puffins are adorable, but you cannot bring one home…
– Whales are plentiful, but they don’t always behave as advertised.
– For a nice walk or some ocean sightseeing, just go to Water Street. There is one in almost every seashore community.
– Lobster is delicious, but Cod is King!
– B&Bs are a great formula to interact with locals.
– All our breakfasts were served at the table (not as a help-yourself-buffet).

Travelling is the best way to expand your horizon…

Until next time,

Ray’s Perspective…
The feature image of this blog was a house for sale in Birgus. So tempting… So many picturesque towns. What a beautiful and scenic island. We will be back to visit the west coast.


Trinity, Newfoundland


Trinity, Newfoundland

Pretty Harbour Fishing Village

Pretty Harbour Fishing Village

A window with a view.

A window with a view.

Day 4 -Cape Spear Lighthouse

Cape Spear Lighthouse

One Comment on “Back home

  1. Love the dialogue and excellent photos. You are a grand team. Enjoy your travels.


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